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Life difficoult for Obama in the italian Pd

"Voce Repubblicana", 12 novembre 2008
Interview with Gianfranco Pasquino
by Lanfranco Palazzolo
Life difficult for Barack Obama if he had wanted to stand in the presidential primary in the Italian Democratic Party. He told the "Voice" the political scientist Gianfranco Pasquino.
Professor Pasquino, Marco Pannella has cooled the enthusiasm of Pd for the election of Barack Obama for President of the United States whereas the Pd probably would not have a candidate like him at the primary election of the Democratic Party in Italy.
"I think there is truth in what he said Pannella. I think Obama would be able to toil to appear in the elections of the Democratic Party primary Italian. Probably would have discouraged. But he would insist that a man is determined. Then, win would be one thing and another thing to govern again. With its clear Obama probably would have difficulties to represent a party that has always had ideas confused. And that is unable to provide a platform for a convincing new government".
Saw this as a reflection of Italian politics about Obama? Believes that the italian Pd has been superficial or believe that positive contributions came from?
"Obama's victory has opened the outlook for some sectors of European reformism. It 'was therefore right that the Pd had looked forward to newly elected President. But I do not think that there are programmatic news that the Democratic Party can learn from the Democrats. In the U.S. we are really facing a generational change. Obama has 47 years, while Veltroni has 52-53. And so the generational change has yet to come. Even as the leaders of Pd traveling around 60 years".
What do you think the controversy on the beat Berlusconi on Obama?
"Berlusconi did not commit a gaffe. He said what really thinks. The head of government has this kind of attitude that makes him tell a joke, a joke or do things like that. If Berlusconi had said those things in private to Obama there was nothing wrong. Ma said the international arena, in a context where some Americans would not have voted for Obama for the color of his skin has other implications. This decreases its international influence".
We have seen that during the primary for Democrats Geraldine Ferraro attacked Obama, saying that its success depended on the color of his skin. Hillary Clinton has also evoked an attack against Obama. This is worse?
"In spite or rancor can say unpleasant things. And that remains unpleasant. But after Hillary Clinton acknowledged Obama's victory in the primary and has supported. And I believe that Clinton has apologized".

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