giovedì 6 novembre 2008

The beautiful movie

Interview with a Fiamma Nirenstein
Voce Repubblicana, 7 novembre 2008
by Lanfranco Palazzolo

The election of Obama is a beautiful movie in which I made the aspiration of equality between men. He told the "Voce Republicana" member of the PDL Fiamma Nirenstein.
Mp Nirenstein, what do you think of Obama's victory in presidential elections in the United States?
"I think it is a great victory for American democracy to see a black ascend to the first charge in the United States. I have the impression of seeing a beautiful movie, in which this great American aspiration of equality between men - that is felt in the United States - is realized. The premise of this victory was strong when we saw the republican administration to call the State department, in roles of great responsibility, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. This is a typical piece of American history marked throughout the rapid acceleration and deep battles ideals. It 'a great satisfaction".
What do you think the policy of Barack Obama?
"I believe that this policy will have a stroke are typically left. Obama is not just a symbolic figure on which we can project a beautiful film - as if the policy did not exist - but you will drive a great nation, the strongest, the most important in the world, that could be destroyed by too measures protectionist who would change the fundamental aspects of its history. I refer to the values of freedom and economic ones. "
What do you think about that dialogue with some countries?
"I think that the attempt to Obama to open dialogue with some reality is remarkable. But when the interlocutors with whom Obama announces want to talk to are Iran and the Islamic fundamentalists who want to destroy the West, this leaves me very puzzled. I fear that in the Middle East Obama is a remake old. In the Middle East, the policy of helping hand has always been rejected because the strategy of denial has always won among Arab countries".
What do you think of the eight years of George W. Bush?
"I think it was a mistake to have branded as a warmonger. He only tried to establish a policy of defense of international terrorism".
Obama has had difficulties with the Jewish electorate in the U.S.?
"There have been no difficulties in the United States. Indeed, the Jewish electorate, linked to battles for civil rights, a majority voted for Obama. But I do not want to judge the American electorate".
How did you find the words of Maurizio Gasparri on the contentment of Al Qaeda for the election of Obama?
"It 'been a sentence of irritation for the visionary excess of enthusiasm that has characterized these days the Italian left who believes that he has found in its leader Obama".